La Caz Océane
28 Chemin de Mutel
97416 La Chaloupe Saint-Leu
Ile de la Réunion
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Le Maïdo


less than 45 minutes from the cottage

visit the heritage sites listed by UNESCO.

     it Maido and Mafate:

 You go through the old forest road, unforgettable walk in between the high pastures, forests and tamarinds woolly all areas picnic.  .

From the cottage less than 15 minutes you will reach the Tamarins road serving all destinations of the island: strategic gateway for all your holiday whatever  your destination Cilaos and Piton des Neiges, the volcano and the Piton de la Fournaise, the plain palm with drill hole Belouve and iron, Circus Salasi with          waterfalls and unique flora, between two and Dimitile the wild south with St Peter, St Joseph Manapany, Grande Anse, the Langevin river and all these attractions the most beautiful postcards