La Caz Océane
28 Chemin de Mutel
97416 La Chaloupe Saint-Leu
Ile de la Réunion
Tél : + 26 (0)2 62 54 89 40
Gsm : + 26 (0)6 92 74 63 94

T building

masonry and dependence

Depending on your expectations, double, single, twin and

The Building: consists of 4 bedrooms, one double guest for families or groups.  Double, triple or family all have their own bathroom and toilet,  3 of them are equipped with twin 90-bed to a double bed 180.  Caz the ocean can accommodate even groups of 15 people, sheltered from the sweltering heat of the coast you will spend peaceful and relaxing nights.  We can also offer an independent apartment with a bedroom, a bathroom, a toilet, a living room, kitchenette and private veranda.  This apartment is rented for a minimum of 3 days.

batisse a functional kitchen
batisse The rhum bar
la batisse room of the apartment
la batisse living room apartment

Room : "La Fournaise"

The peak of the furnace

Whether for a fiery night or remembering the hike the peak of the furnace, the room takes on a new design with an eruption headboard, and a cave dedicated to lovers

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