La Caz Océane
28 Chemin de Mutel
97416 La Chaloupe Saint-Leu
Ile de la Réunion
Tél : + 26 (0)2 62 54 89 40
Gsm : + 26 (0)6 92 74 63 94

Petit déjeuner

breakfast in cottage


bread and jam made home

While enjoying the stunning panoramic view over the bay of St Leu you enjoy a breakfast (even at 4am for the more adventurous hikers and lovers until 10am for the morning thanks). 

The breakfast includes your choice of 

        - Coffee, tea, chocolate.  

        - Fruit juices.  

        - Jams and bread. 

        - And other depending on the mood of the markets and Patron saint leu, saint paul saint stone.